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Risk, Control and Compliance with INFOR Approva

Webcast: Guest Speaker, Steve Buchner of Sonova, will share insights & experiences on Risk, Control and Compliance with Approva

Risk, Control, Compliance with INFOR Approva


Second event of the 2014 GRC series, this webcast looked at one of the leading GRC platforms, INFOR Approva Continuous Monitoring, and invited Steve Buchner of Sonova to share his experiences and insights.

Ever greater demand for better visibility and better control over financial business processes and results require management to apply more sophisticated techniques for control and assurance. As such, data analytics and controls intelligence for the Finance, Risk and IS functions have become critical capabilities to ensure that financially relevant processes are operating as designed and in compliance with organisational governance and audit requirements.

Watch the recording below and meet Steve Buchner of Sonova, the world leader in hearing solutions. With 18 years of experience in ERP, IT management and strategy, Steve shares his GRC journey experiences, challenges and insights. He is joined by Steve Rooney, an experienced Risk and Controls expert and recognised INFOR Approva practice leader, who explores best practices in exploiting the Approva family of tools for effective management of Segregation of Duties (SoD), User Access Controls, Process Controls, Transaction Monitoring and Automated Control Reviews for the finance and assurance functions.

Moderated by Dan French, CEO of Consider Solution, this panel of experts addresses:

  • Visibility over Financial Processes & Controls
  • The 3 Lenses of Insight – Control & Compliance, Fraud and Operational Risk Management, Finance Process Optimisation
  • High Impact Results with INFOR Approva
  • Critical Success Factors – best practices
  • The Sonova experience
  • Entry Points for Deeper Insight
  • Q&A



Whether you come from a finance, audit or IT management background, there is a lot to learn from this webinar.