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Webcast: Are You On Track With Risk and Compliance Monitoring?


Due to popular demand, and the necessity to cover more topics than we could fit into one session, we hosted this second webcast on the topic of risk and compliance monitoring.

Are you thinking of improving or changing your current approach for SoD testing, ERP compliance, process analytics, controls monitoring or risk management? Maybe you need a quick plaster for an audit comment or need a rapid response to demonstrating you have user access control, under control…

The world, business and technology are moving fast. What implementation approach and sustaining process is the best to serve your risk and controls needs? What is the right track to the future?

Some people have made big investments in tools but are finding the real challenges lie in getting the end to end process working as effectively as it should be. Those without the latest tools still may find that the process needs fixing first and foremost.

GRC is a big topic, and the term means different things to different people. This webcast specifically addresses Risk and Compliance Monitoring; the value and benefits that can be realised from having an effective process.

If you have challenges in controls monitoring, continuous or otherwise, for SoD, SOX testing, FCPA Compliance, ERP compliance, manual/hybrid control attestation et al, and are looking for a broader view of how to get business value from process and technology, you will find this information useful. We will help you assess what are the key issues and capabilities required to meet your business goals. This is your chance to get a real understanding of how other organizations are creating a positive impact on their business’ risk and control standing.

Our panel of experts answered questions and issues and provided answers by covering the following agenda:

  • What is new in the GRC environment – do tools help?
  • Am I on the right track?
  • From compliance to enterprise risk
  • Experiences and customer case studies
  • What is best practice across the industry?
  • Critical success factors/best practices – ensuring value for money

Our panel hold a collective 30 years experience in Governance, Risk and Compliance and Continuous Controls Monitoring with ERP experience in SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft and others.

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