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Optimising financial processes

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Risk and Performance: No Longer a Compromise

This webinar offers key insights on how to harmonise risk and performance for World Class Finance. Join CFOs, Finance, Risk and Assurance Executives from all around the world and participate in a conversation with best practice leaders from PwC and Consider Solutions.

Juergen Mueller, Partner, PwC
Dan French, CEO, Consider Solutions

Broadcast December 10, from 5 pm CET  

For many years the twin objectives of optimising business performance, efficiency and speed and managing risk have required management to make a choice on a spectrum between ‘maximum control’ and ‘maximum performance’. This has created a number of challenges for business leaders and the CFO particularly.  New management thinking and recent experience now shows us that this conflict is based on flawed thinking. We need to refine our view of risk and performance and use new techniques that drive towards the common goal of enhanced risk management and optimised performance.