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Risk Analytics: Experiences in the Field

Tune in for this 30 minute discussion on how to develop enhanced risk analytics to support Internal Audit and the Finance Function.

Dan French, CEO, Consider Solutions
Steve Rooney, CM Practice Leader, Consider Solutions

Broadcast February 14, 2013 from 16:00 GMT

Companies are eager to implement risk analytics to help financial transparency, mitigate threats, reduce cost and provide opportunities for continuous improvement.  There is a lot of talk, but it is always good to hear from those who are “walking the walk’. In this webcast, we offer insights into how various organisations have approached this topic, exploring the background, business case, experiences and road-map for risk analytics.


  • Risk and Assurance landscape 
  • The relevance of Risk Analytics
  • The Business Case 
  • Risk Analytics Approach 
  • Examples from the field
  • Pitfalls and Critical Success Factors