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Webcast: A Method in the Madness; Tactics for the P2P Global Process Owner and Business Partner

23rd October, London 3pm, Paris 4pm, San Francisco 7am, New York 10am

We have hosted a number of discussions sharing research that Shared Services leaders are focussed on driving their reputation from a purely cost saving focus to one of value creation. The keys are global processes and business partnering. And of course data!

The feedback we got after our last session was outstanding.

We have been asked to share the specific tactics and techniques we use to understand, diagnose and prioritise issues in the P2P process.

How can the GPO and Business Partners drive better engagement and collaboration with cross functional stakeholders and internal customers?.

We have looked at the WHY and now we want to take it to the next level – WHAT to do and HOW to drive process excellence and continuous improvement.

In this short sharp session, we address questions including:

  • Where are our key process trends, issues and exceptions? How do we understand and diagnose the root causes?
  • Where is technology helping and where is it hindering us today?
  • What process or working practice changes would make the biggest impact?
  • Where are the quickest wins for RPA or other forms of rapid response automation?
  • What technology changes would make the biggest impact?
  • What business units are not following process / causing greatest effort downstream?
  • What vendors are causing greatest effort / not complying with our process?
  • How can we streamline the process, nurture supplier relationships, better manage risk and improve stakeholder/customer satisfaction?

You will find this webcast of value if you are a Shared Services/GBS leader or focussed on driving excellence in global processes, especially Purchase to Pay.

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