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Olympic Champion shares Choices and Habits for Achieving our Goals

We all suffer from self-doubt and frustration when achievement of personal or business goals elude our grasp.

Sometimes, the idea of “continuous improvement” can seem like an even bigger challenge.

Daniel Caines overcame his own challenges to eventually win World, European and Commonwealth 400m athletics titles, competing in two Olympic Games.

He shares experiences of overcoming “fear of failure” and building the determination to sustain the habits that help us all achieve our goals.

We all procrastinate to some level or other – Daniel Caines is a great antidote . . .

He joins us in a webcast discussion to share his personal experiences of successes, struggles and failures that resonate in a world where we are led to believe that successful people are just “lucky”. 

Join us for 30 minutes on 1st November and understand the pervasive nature of self doubt and how to harness it to your advantage.

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If you cannot make this time but would to see the recording, please register and we will share it with you after the event.