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Postmodern ERP; CFO Financial Reporting Concerns; Data Decisions and the CAE; Access Control Challenges Persist

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90% of Organizations Lack Strategy for Postmodern ERP

Gartner has made a number of alarming predictions about the increasing complexity in the ERP application portfolio. According to recent findings, 80% of enterprises will lack the capability to successful deliver on their postmodern ERP plans until 2018, and 90% lack the vital skills and strategy, meaning many will succumb to the traditional ERP headaches of higher costs, greater complexity and failed integration.

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Access Control Challenges Persist

Access control is becoming increasingly complex, with the scope and number of systems increasing within organisations, user populations increasing and application related risks becoming more evident, the need for an effective strategy is of paramount importance.

We take a look at the biggest issues companies are facing, and some best practise in helping you ensure that approved people only have ‘keys to the doors’ they are meant to have access to!

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Chief Audit Executives Lack Confidence In Data Driven Decisions

A recent report by the Institute of Internal Auditors found that only 29% of Chief Audit Executives have confidence in decisions based on data that their organizations gather.

Yet 37% of CAE’s still feel that data mining and analytics are absolutely essential to Internal Audit being able to perform their responsibilities properly.

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CFOs Increasing Concerns Over The Effectiveness of Corporate Reporting

A recent survey by Ernst & Young has found that whilst many CFO’s are under greater pressure in an increasingly demanding reporting environment, there is an overload of reporting and a lack of confidence in its value.

Only 39% of CFO’s perceived reporting as being cost-effective, compared with 68% in 2014, and just 48% said their reporting was effective in securing the confidence of the board, a significant drop from 71% last year.

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