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Manual Controls, the “Elephant in the Room” in ICFR Transformation

Join us here on 17th June with our special guest, Stuart Worthington, former Internal Controls Manager at Nestle.

Manual controls are a critical problem at the core of risk management and controls transformation. Despite huge investments in digitization, this isn’t going away.

– 69% of major corporations have had one or more significant audit deficiencies in the last 2 years.

– 93% have under 50% of their key financial controls automated, with 46% under 10%.

– 62% identify manual process controls as their biggest single, current concern.

Join us on 17th June when we will explore the root causes of manual control proliferation, and share practical guidance on how to eliminate, automate, augment and accelerate ICFR transformation into the digital world.


  • The ICFR Landscape
  • Is it Just Manual vs Automated
  • Cause & Effect
  • Experience from the Front Lines
  • Practical Steps for Shifting the Balance

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