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Pop up Session: Considerations for Business in Volatile Times

After the initial crisis response, what do we need to consider and what are the next set of decisions we need to take?

As we settle in for a longer, bumpier ride than we might have expected, we need to hold on and not lose our head!

This may be a unique situation, but are there two big things to work out;

  1. How we respond during the crisis itself as people and businesses
  2. How to prepare to come back out of this as strong as possible, which might be even more tricky

The one thing we know is procrastination is never a good strategy, except in a procrastination contest!

There is plenty of self-help out there for how to get the best out of videoconferencing and to organise “virtual beers”. This isn’t that!

If you are managing or leading in Global Business Services, Shared Services, Global Processes, Transformation, Finance, IT, Risk & Control or Assurance, watch the webcast as we discuss the situation and potential responses.

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