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Just The Time for a New Habit?

If there is any time of year, THIS is the season to exercise work/life balance.

In the pursuit of balance and calm, I have taken to writing songs. You can hear one of my better creations here . . .  or with animation, here . . . (Ben, our drummer, had some time on his hands!)

I am working on this balance thing, and I am better than I was, but still some way to go!

No tombstone ever read “I wish I spent more time at work”, but I’m sure our neolithic forebears felt the same about spending so much time hunting for food . . .

The things we do and the way we behave are largely habit. I talked about this recently in our webcast discussion on cognitive biases. You can read about it and access the recording here . . .

Habits are great piece of human design and, in evolutionary terms, enhanced both survival rates AND our ability to adapt to change. 

We are creatures of habit, and although the ability to change habits is a “designed in” capability, it remains a challenge whether attempting to lose weight, get fit or learn a musical instrument.

With our workplaces closed or closing for the holidays, meetings and email slowing to a trickle, we have the opportunity to choose a new habit!

Me? After the festivities and excesses, I’m determined to finish writing and recording a couple of new songs by March, which means I need to discover the habit to take time out each week to focus on it.

That’s my plan, what’s yours?

I wish you the very best for a calm, peaceful, healthy, happy Christmas and holiday season.  See you in 2022!

Now, where’s that song again?