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ISACA EuroCACS Dublin 2016

eurocacs 2016

Presentation at ISACA EuroCACS Dublin May 30th-June 1st 2016.

Our COO Hans Van Nes will be giving a presentation entitled: “The Rise of the Machines – Impact of AI on Audit and Assurance”. This large scale ISACA event will play host to global professionals from IT Audit, Assurance, Cyber Security, Control and Governance professionals from a variety of industries.

After completing this session, you will be able to:
  • Explore the current best practice in data analytics for risk and control assurance
  • Share examples of advanced technology concepts that can be applied to risk & control assurance
  • Discuss the impact of emerging ‘Machine Learning’ data science techniques in this area
  • Analyse the impact of new approaches on risk and control assurance activities

There is still time to register your attendance at this event: