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The Landscape of Internal Controls : “The Elephant in the Room”

The Elephant in the Room - 75% of Financial Controls are still MANUALWebcast: Guest Speaker, Dennis Rusch, Controls Expert at a global FMCG, to share insights and experiences

Broadcast: April 30

Organisations with mature internal controls and compliance frameworks report the surprising fact that: “Only 25% of key financial controls are automated or IT dependent.”

Despite massive investments in automation, ranging from integrated ERP landscapes to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) and Controls Testing tools, the reality today in major organisations is that the majority of Financial Controls are still not automated. This leads to a big overhead in controls testing, controls self assessment and audit evidence.

This webcast exposes the ‘elephant in the room’, explores why we are in this situation and shares some case studies on how leading practitioners are addressing the issue.

Hear Dan French, CEO at Consider Solutions, and Dennis Rusch, Controls Expert at a global FMGC company, for this 30 minute webinar that may challenge our priorities.

Follow the two panellists as they address:

  • Visibility over Financial Processes & Controls
  • Automated Controls & GRC tools for controls testing and monitoring
  • Manual Controls – The Elephant in the Room
  • Addressing the issue – Case Studies from a global Consumer Goods Leader
  • Critical Success factors
  • Entry Points for Deeper Insights


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