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Identity & Access Management: a Map through the Minefield

The road to a successful Identity and Access Management/ Governance programme is anything but smooth. This highway is badly signed, bumpy, twisted and confusing with many wrecks along the route.

This 30 minute webcast analyses the concepts of ‘Identity’, ‘Access’ and ‘Authorisation’, explores the vision for IAM and exposes the very real challenges that have cost many organizations years and sometimes millions in investment. The discussion outlines the alternative routes to IAM implementation and success and shares relevant case studies. All examples are informed by the experiences of our clients around the world.

Steve Rooney, Practice Leader – Risk & Compliance, Consider Solutions
Gonzalo Cuatrecasas, former Head of IT Audit at Colgate Palmolive & Practice Leader

Broadcast July 2, 2013 from 15:00 BST


Follow this 30 minute presentation as we go through:

  • The vision for IAM, addressing efficiency, effectiveness, risk and compliance
  • The audit perspective
  • The alternative routes to IAM success
  • Case study examples
  • How to assess the options and develop a roadmap for your organization
  • Reducing the risk of fraud 

You can also watch the recording here

IAM is definitely a ‘horses for courses’ challenge and the most effective approach certainly is influenced by the business, context and situation of the organization planning such an endeavour. There is no one ‘right’ approach. The current technology shifts in mobile, social, BYOD and cloud. Help assess which ‘horse’ is right for your ‘course’ . . .