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How Humour Drives Agility & Innovation



Looking to help fuel my own thought processes, I made a New Year’s resolution to watch a new TED Talk once a week. I am practicing tenacity, but not always succeeding . . . . . .

I watched this 12 minutes because I recognized the speaker, Tom Fishburne. You may have seen his work.

To my mind, Tom is the new Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame), in that he uses humor to expose what are potentially “edgy” topics of organisational and management culture in a way that brings everyone together with a wry smile or a laugh.

With a delicate touch, Tom pokes fun at some of the less productive aspects of our behavior.

He touches on fear, and how humor in the workplace can reduce it.

Humor make us more open, increases our sense of belonging, makes us more willing to take reasonable risks, drives collaboration and innovation, and helps us become faster and more agile as a business.

If you want to drive cultural change or break through the “organizational immune system”, this is worth 12 minutes of your time. 

You can see and hear Tom’s talk here – food for thought..

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