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Global Process Owner (GPO) and Process Excellence Summit 2017

gpo-summitGlobal Process Owners (GPOs) are tough and intelligent. They have a fighting spirit. But most of all, they are process perfectionists. GPOs are champions of change, motivated by the rule of Processus Virtutis (Process Excellence) in all that they do.

In May, across three days, SharedServicesLink will explore the definition of Process Excellence from the GPO perspective, showing how this strict abiding rule delivers greater results and value to an organization. This is a dedicated event, for new GPOs through to mature GPOs, packed with best-practice case studies, technical learning and an abundance of opportunities to network with over 70 GPOs.



This event guarantees to:

  • Define process excellence in the context of the GPO role
  • Show how GPOs with global footprints approach process excellence
  • Illustrate why process excellence and end-to-end should work hand in hand
  • Highlight the pivotal role of technology in sustaining a high level of process excellence
  • Remind you why securing internal champions is a MUST for your process excellence cause

Our CEO and founder Dan French will be speaking at the event on the topic of: Machine Learning and the GPO – Where Next Beyond RPA?

RPA pilots and programs are now in full swing and as GPOs prepare to look ahead we have to ask the question ‘where to next?’ Machine learning has had a lot of publicity in the past 12-18 months and the hype isn’t waning. The question isn’t ‘if’ you will be jumping on the bandwagon, but rather, ‘when’?

This case study will show:

  • The context of end to end processes and RPA
  • What machine learning is and what it means for you
  • Relevance of latest machine learning research for the Global Process Owner
  • How it can support your global process strategy on a global scale
  • What the future may hold

With the big technology platforms such as Apple and Google as well as Financial Institutions already using machine learning this session will explore the capabilities to meet the needs of the GPO and show you some really exciting results.

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