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Global Process Ownership – Overcoming The 5 BIG Challenges

Shelley Davies – Global Process Excellence and Automation at Anglo American
Steve Fox – former VP Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dan French – Fonder & CEO at Consider Solutions

“Global Process Owner” is the “role du jour” in Global Business Services and any organizations that aspire to end-to-end process alignment and effectiveness.

But is it a Fad, A Fix or The Future?

Ambitions and aspirations are high, but execution is hard.

The challenges include.
• The “control vs influence“ challenge in the role
• Building the cross functional coalition to drive change
• Driving “AS-IS” performance improvement while designing the “TO-BE” (design vs operate)
• The natural tension between process-driven and technology-driven change.
• The impact of human behaviour on process change

Our guests drew on a wealth of experience from multiple roles in different companies to share the various models of Global Process Ownership, the trade-offs and strategies for success.

They shared their GPO experiences and journey to date, the answer to the big “WHY” question, the explanation of the “WHAT”, the mechanics of the “HOW”, observations and lessons learned and what they would do differently “next time” . .

This was a compelling debate and discussion. You can see the recorded session here . . .