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Getting Things Done and Staying Done!

It’s the season . . .

So, you probably won’t be reading this until you have indigestion and have spent too much time with extended family members – some you love dearly, and others you remember why you see them only yearly!

Getting things done is critical at this time of year. Not enough time and an immovable target date!

Sir Michael Barber wrote a fascinating article “12 tricks to getting things done” of which the most seasonally relevant is . . . .

  • “Sign up for the suffering” – Nothing worth accomplishing in life comes easily! 😉

Keeping things done is another seasonal low-point, as millions of us sign up for “New Years Resolutions” that rarely see the end of January . . .

The answer, the key, is in HABITS . . . .

The trick to habits is ROUTINE, and routine is reinforced with REWARD.

Trigger, Routine, Reward.

  1. Trigger —can be your daily alarm call, a weekly calendar entry, or a physical experience
  2. Routine—the habit you are trying to get into, the actions you plan to take in response to the trigger
  3. Reward—the payoff / feeling you get from executing the routine and realising you are on the way to a desirable habit

My own nemesis is running. I have always been rubbish at any distance running. But I try to run regularly as it is a great stress buster and one of life’s “good things”.

But I do NOT enjoy it.

My habit is this.

Every Saturday at 10am, I am apprehensive and try to procrastinate my way out of the impending doom.

Thankfully, a good friend of mine taught me to think and get into the mindset of how I will feel at the end of the run – that exhilaration, clear headedness, and sense of something achieved.

My reward for the routine run is set in my head before I start.

And it DOES feel good every time I complete it.

But, after lengthy breaks (I often “fall off the horse”) I restart with much smaller distances and build up.

HABITS are important at this time of year (as is “getting things done”!) but maybe more importantly for our year-round daily life and work.

“All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits.”

I will be doing my run at 10am tomorrow, unless a better offer comes up . . .

You can read “12 tricks to getting things done” by Michael Barber here . . .

And if the mood takes you, there is 3 minutes of festive comedy genius by David Mitchell here . . .

Thanks for reading . . .