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Gemba, EQ and “Voice of the Customer”

Another great article got me thinking this week.

We are continually reminded that it is not just the mechanics of the business that needs to be measured, but the very “customer experience”.

Whether that “customer” is internal or external to the business, focusing on the “voice of the customer” is a powerful tool for process improvement, transformation and even wellbeing (think stress levels).

Although most firms will have established their hybrid work policy by now, perhaps it’s time to rehash the rulebook once more and make way for gemba.

From the Japanese term for “the actual place”, gemba can be used by businesses to understand what it’s really like at the “sharp end” of process execution.

It is an opportunity to stand back from your day-to-day tasks to walk in different shoes to identify wasteful activities and the real experience of your stakeholders, participants and customers (and those who are all 3).

Try it, if you don’t already, even if it is outside your comfort zone.

It will also exercise your “EQ muscle” . . . .

You can read the article by Orianna Rosa Royle in Management Today here . . .

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