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3 Steps to Value-Creation in GBS (and avoiding extinction!) with Rich Dobbs

None of us can miss the potential seismic changes from the latest wave of technological innovation and commercialization in Generative AI, Large Language Models, ChatGPT, Bard et al . . .

These “waves of change” are accelerating. 

The pace of technology advances could help us or hinder us.

Which is it to be?

I have met Rich Dobbs, Vice President, Global Business Services at Kimberly-Clark, a couple of times now in person. He has a rich and varied career which started in the US Air Force, through the great leadership “hothouse” of GE, a broad shared service mandate at Fidelity Investments, even a period on the “dark side” as a BPO and more recently GBS leadership roles at Mondelez International and now Kimberly-Clark.

We discussed a meeting he had with an industry analyst in the early days of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the sense of realization that, if the claims were true, GBS could easily become extinct.

Now, clearly, these expectations were not realized, but it started a thought process that continues to be highly relevant.

We cannot solely focus on cutting costs. There is ALWAYS a cheaper option . . . .

Todays GBS leaders are all on the path to value creation.

But how do we make it happen when short term economics are always front and center?

GBS is the steward of huge volumes of enterprise data and several mission critical processes, enabling key, value-creating business outcomes.

The opportunity exists . . . 

I am delighted that Rich offered to share his perspectives in a webcast format, which was live streamed on June 15th

You can view the recording below . . .