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Five Impact Themes from GBS Shared Services Leaders

I missed the Deloitte Shared Services conference in Copenhagen in September last year, but I heard good reports from colleagues that attended.

The 5 themes that became the key takeaways resonate with me, but I would add a further two from discussions with GBS & Finance leaders in our community.

  1. Driving Continuously Improving Performance – it can be a challenge to deliver on the initial business case for GBS & Shared Services, but time moves on, economic pressures change, and the business environment, market and customers are always dynamic. Finding an effective mechanism to continually refresh and align with your business and stakeholder expectations and pressures whilst driving operational performance improvements needs to be a major focus for us all.
  2. End to End Process Understanding & Alignment – Easy to say, much harder to do. Whether you have fully embraced “end to end” processes or not, this focus and alignment is key to delivering on real business needs and expectations. This ties very closely to the discussion below about the “Experience” for customers, colleagues, and suppliers. The need to drive real progress on this topic is very evident from our own conversations and engagements.

The post conference Insights paper details the 5 key enablers;

  1. Hybrid Delivery Models – the need for a flexible approach combining captives, centres of excellence (CoEs), capability centres, outsourcing partnerships, near shore capabilities, and third party partners bringing new ways of working, technologies, tools and skills.
  2. Unlocking Capabilities – new services such as those related to ESG, end to end visibility and management of enterprise master data and the effective application of AI (as well as the data required to drive it) are just some examples of this trend.
  3. Leadership & Talent – Developing and harnessing the talent, the business, human and digital skills in the organization in harmony with the opportunities presented by new ways of working and new technologies is a critical balance required. “There is nothing to fear from these changes, but fear itself”.
  4. Supreme Experience – “end to end” thinking with human centred design, “humanistic AI” and the augmentation possibilities, make the process “experience” an essential focus for transformation, continuous improvement and operational effectiveness.  
  5. Impact & Wellbeing – purpose, diversity, creativity and wellbeing in an environment of “dreamers”, “designers” and “doers” with a sense of belonging creates a powerful engine for any organization.

You can read more in the Deloitte “Post Conference Insights Paper” here . . .

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