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Optimising financial processes

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Record to Report: An Interview with Camelot Group: Accelerating, Assuring and Integrating the End to End Financial Close cycle


 Guest Speaker, Josh May of Camelot, shares insights & experiences on optimising control, compliance and efficiency in the Financial Close process.

A recording of a webcast in our ‘Global Process Owner’ series where we explore the control and cycle time challenges in the Financial Close cycle and hear from Josh May, Head of Financial Reporting at Camelot Group. In the conversation we will hear Josh share Camelot’s experience of automating the Financial Close and learn about strategies they have adopted to optimise the process. Traditionally the last mile of finance has been a frenetic effort battling time constraints and complexity. Gain insights in eliminating the grind, making better use of talent and enabling high performing teams to drive continuous improvement and improve control.

“Financial Close – Accelerating, Assuring and Integrating the End to End Process”

This 45-minute webinar includes:

  •  A discussion on the challenges of the financial close cycle from both control and efficiency perspectives
  • An overview of technology enabled process optimisation to support existing ERP capabilities
  • An interview with Josh May on the case for change, experiences and benefits achieved in the Camelot SAP-based process
  • A summary of the impact on both the close process and finance team themselves
  • Lessons learned and what the new approach makes possible for the future