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Webcast: New GRC Perspectives – Risk Based Analytics and ‘Fact to Act’ Thinking

“Top down” compliance driven approaches have proven to be costly and wasteful – and a new risk-oriented approach is gaining currency. Compliance, assurance and security professionals have found a new way thinking, supported by a new generation of tools and techniques to support risk assurance processes of all types.

Many discussions that start around issues relating to Governance, Risk & Compliance often take a diversion into a technology discussion. But this obscures the focus. Bringing the discussion back round to a business focused debate creates a process that delivers effective risk management, security and assurance for the organisation. The focus for the tools should be on detecting vulnerabilities – they find the facts that allow us to act and where used already are transforming the processes they enable.

By enabling the compliance community with in-process analytics to deliver facts into decision making, and a coherent end-to-end process to execute, then we may have the opportunity to move from “Assessment to Judgement” to more of a ‘Fact to Act’ philosophy.

Beyond the technology bear traps, our experts share insights based on extensive experience with global organizations and how they deliver insightful GRC processes.

In this webcast we covered:

  • How digital transformation is raising new challenges for governance, risk and compliance leaders
  • Challenges in current GRC thinking and practice
  • How managing risk and opportunity coherently drive ‘principled performance’
  • Moving risk management from judgement/assertion based to “fact based”
  • Closing the GRC loop with risk based analytics
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