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ESG meets Integrated Business Processes & S2P/P2P, with Martin & Dario

Two big topics collide this week as the Northern Hemisphere Spring has almost “sprung”.

  • Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) may be the biggest corporate reporting requirement to hit CFOs since the heady days of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).  

  • End-to-End business process integration (aligned from the start to the end of the value stream) is rated by an overwhelming majority of Finance, Procurement, Shared Services & GBS leaders as the Number One Priority for 2023.

As with Financial Control & “SOX”, ESG is not just about “compliance. In fact, I predict we will see the same suboptimal outcomes where organizations regard ESG as purely a compliance “box tick” as we have seen in the past.

Forward thinking leaders are taking the opportunity to focus on ESG corporate reporting to genuinely assess and address the key sustainability-related risks and opportunities relevant to their organization. These affect enterprise value (investor confidence), as well as customer, supplier, employee and community perceptions which themselves directly affect reputation, and consequently business outcomes.

Many organizations are reacting to new regulatory demands by leaping to the technology “silver bullet”. Whilst technology is certainly part of the strategy, there is a lot more to consider.

Martin Reeves gets “up close and personal” with the ESG agenda on 26th April and will share guidelines and recommendations for addressing the ESG challenge.

You can get details and register for this 30 minute ESG session here . . . 

In our discussion on aligning and integrating the “End-to-End” Source to Pay (S2P) Process with Dario Kulic, we address another key priority which is taxing most global organizations. Driving real business value from processes is about breaking down silos.

But it is a challenging goal and fraught with human, change challenges.

Join us as we talk to Dario on April 20th and discuss his experiences of the practical challenges and strategies for success. We will cover the full range of themes from Transformation, Process, Performance, People, Sourcing, Technology and Data (and probably a few more!). All this during a merger, a shift to S/4HANA and, of course, COVID.

You can get details and register for this 30 minute S2P session here . . . 

Two big topics to consider!

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