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“End to End” Processes, “Shift Left” and the GPO

“End to end process” alignment, simplification, integration and digitisation is a big element of the “cost vs value” debate that has been running in Global Business Services (GBS) and Finance Operations circles for some time.

Given that GBS, Shared Services or Finance Operations tend to operate the “right hand side” of enterprise processes, and that 95% of the issues experienced are caused to the “left hand side”, this may be no surprise.

It turns out that end-to-end process thinking is important because the silo mode of operating and decision making is wasteful, and causes;

  • Silo “efficiencies” that create negative impact upstream and downstream
  • Misaligned performance measures
  • Poor customer experience 
  • Sub-optimal business outcomes

“The more quality you build into anything, the less it costs… because you design it in rather than inspect it in”

I have run and participated in a number of workshops on this topic recently, and the engagement from Finance and GBS leadership, Lean Six Sigma CI specialists, GPOs, service delivery and operational teams has been tremendous.

I thought I would share the notes from one such workshop, delivered with Tom Bangemann, Jamie Anderson and Aneta van den Kieboom that shows the breadth and depth of the understanding, skills and capabilities we need to develop, not least;

  • Managing the “control vs influence“ challenge 
  • Building the cross functional coalition to drive change
  • Driving “AS-IS” performance improvement while designing the “TO-BE” (design vs operate)
  • The natural tension between process-driven and technology-driven change
  • The impact of human behaviour on process change
  • Sustaining Value & Customer Experience

You can read the initial workshop notes here . . .

If you would like a copy of the Global Process Owner “Playbook” you can request it here . . .

Thanks for reading . . . .