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Effective AI is Challenging, Responsible AI is Critical

Dr Tom Gruber is a former Stanford AI researcher, AI product designer and entrepreneur, co-founder and Head of Design for the team that created Siri, then an Apple executive and subsequently a board advisor and chief scientist to AI enabled product businesses around the world. He is also co-founder and Chief Scientist at Consider Solutions.

He knows what he is talking about.

In his powerful TED talk, Tom coined the term “Humanistic AI”, which has gained a lot of traction to become a growing, influential theme.

We constantly read how “AI will transform the CEO, CFO, CxO role”.

With smarter automation taking over “mundane” tasks and AI improving analytics, business will become more efficient, effective and executives will have the time to operate as powerful strategic advisers.

AI is promising and already delivers massive impact in our own lives as consumers.

BUT . . .

  • What about “Data Driven Decision Making”?
  • Are AI based decisions be “trustworthy”?
  • How well thought out are the algorithms?
  • Do we understand the “Key Business Questions” that we are trying to answer?
  • How do we fix the challenge of data bias, caused by human scoping decisions?
  • What are the trade-offs?
  • What about the “causation / correlation trap”?
  • What should executives consider when faced with business cases proposing AI solutions?

Tom shares facts about how AI is changing our lives today, not always for the better, and also gives his thoughts on the collaboration opportunities between humans and machines that can help create a better life for everyone

His talk “How AI can save humanity (or not)” will give a unique insight into the important human questions organisations should be asking when implementing and/or investing in AI.

You can listen to Tom’s talk here . . .

He talks a lot of sense in a very accessible conversation.

Thanks for reading . . .