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Optimising financial processes

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Drive continuous improvement in shared services beyond solely managing by KPIs

This webinar will walk you through some of the key issues in driving performance and continuous improvement in shared services, share best practices to measure and improve SSO performance, and hone in on where the real issues are.

Suie West, CEO,
Dan French, CEO, Consider Solutions

Broadcast January 22, 2013 


In the last five years many shared services organisations have reached a maturity level. SSOs have gone through the journey of labour arbitrage, process standardization and simplification, and common systems, reaping significant financial savings. Now around one third of SSOs find themselves in the age of continuous improvement, where ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. But is it working? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your KPIs for continuous improvement drive unintended consequences?
  • How do you know how standardized your processes are today in practice?
  • To what degree does your current approach provide the detail on process issues and exceptions that need to be fixed?
  • What information do you use to continue the drive to standardize your processes?
  • How do you identify where SSO effort is being wasted and financial leakage is occurring in an intelligent way?