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Digital Transformation, Shared Services & GBS: Trends, Benchmarks & Insights

T-Bang: “The Caterpillar has a new Skateboard”

Tom Bangemann is Head of Data Development & Research at SSON Research & Analytics and joined us to share the latest research on Digital Transformation, Shared Services & GBS.

He really did “Write the Book” in this area and is the author of “Shared Services in Finance & Accounting”, one of the earliest known works in the field.  

Tom analysed and compiled the SSOW 2024 Industry Trends and Insights Report from which he is sharing trends, benchmarks and highlights, together with some of his own observations and experiences in the field.

Last year, Tom shared a perspective that whilst “transformation” is, literally, a metamorphosis (as in the caterpillar to the butterfly example), often we end up just putting our GBS “caterpillar” on a motorized skateboard in the hope of great things . . .

So, what does 2024/2025 hold, where are the trends and, more importantly, the practical experience moving?

Tom shared these insights in a 30 minute discussion on 11th July