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Data Analytics & BI – Are We Approaching a Tipping Point?

Is your analytics strategy already delivering business value at speed?

Or is “cycle time to business insight/value” still an issue of concern for you, your business stakeholders and customers?

We have an explosion of platforms and tools available for our data scientists to parallel the explosion in the volume of data available and generated..

Yet, even the most sophisticated business intelligence, analytics and data science approaches are failing us for 80% of our business needs.

We are investing heavily but “time to value” remains too slow for all but the most simple data visualizations. Research from McKinsey, ourselves and others demonstrates that the current “best practice” is far from what we need in today’s turbulent times, when speed, agility, quality and cost are more critical than ever.

We are approaching a tipping point.

What is the current state of the nation and our direction of travel? How do we navigate the impending tipping point?

We got together on Tuesday November 16th for informed analysis, a taste of what is to come and how we can accelerate progress now, not tomorrow.

You can watch the full webcast recording below…

Data Analytics & BI – Are We Approaching a Tipping Point? – YouTube