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Optimising financial processes

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Confidence in Financial Control with ACL

Webcast: Business Insight for the CFO

This webcast was first in a series of events dedicated to Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) strategies and tools. Throughout 2014 we will be sharing best practices in financial control, compliance and risk monitoring from the perspective of different platforms such as ACL, INFOR, SAP, Oracle & others.

Watch Robin Ashby, an experienced Financial Control expert and recognized ACL practice leader, as he explores best practices in exploiting ACL for intelligent exception analytics for the finance and assurance functions. Moderated by Dan French, CEO at Consider Solutions, the webinar agenda addresses:

  •  Visibility over Financial Processes & Controls
  •  The 3 Lenses of Insight – Control & Compliance, Fraud and other Risk Assurance, Finance Process Optimization
  •  High Impact Analytics with ACL
  •  Critical Success Factors – Best Practice
  •  Entry Points for Deeper Insight
  •  Q&A 

This session is valuable for finance, audit or IT management applying or considering analytics with ACL.