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Maximising the Returns of our Customers’ Investments – Business Partnering

Many of our customers have been investing in Consider Solutions for several years, at the critical nexus of finance processes, risk, control & compliance and ERP/IT enablement.

Your business is evolving. There are market-driven cycles that are affecting all industries. There is a greater need for business agility to respond to change and influence change, fast. There is an ever closer link between the key pillars; These pillars are the core finance processes and data, the end to end extended business cycles, inherent and emerging risks, relevant policy, control and compliance, IT systems and emerging technologies.

Our business is evolving too. We look at these issues through a set of lenses, which together we call ‘World Class Finance’. These lenses help to guide the development of our insights and our practice with customers.

We continue to invest in genuine business partnering with our customers, via high value skills and effort to better understand the dynamics that affect you, so that we can work more effectively to maximise the returns on the investments you already make in us.

In pursuit of this objective, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Danny Glover as Director of Business Partnering. Danny has spent the last 26 years supporting and delivering successful business change, from the dockyards to major government departments, global telecoms players and for one of the automotive giants. Danny has worked across finance, business operations, technology & process innovation.

How does this affect you?

Effective investment starts with understanding.

We are focussing on understanding how you recognise, evaluate and reconcile the competing demands from across the business in the connected domains outlined above. In return, we are offering our insights and experience on your business partnering and global process ownership strategies, the role of facts and data in process simplification, standardisation and automation, performance management, the end-to-end view of enterprise risk, and the simplification of control and compliance.  We have found that looking across the business with our insights and experience is adds substantial value.

This is about our customers and your businesses. We are serious about engaging to create and sustain effective change.

Our customers will be hearing more directly from Danny but if your have any questions please contact us at