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What is the Business Case for Happiness?

10th December, London 3.30pm, Paris 4.30pm, San Francisco 7.30am, New York 10.30am

In large global businesses, we spend a lot of time on strategy, organisation, leadership, change management, process, and technology, amongst other things. We invest energy into thinking about skillsets. Do we concern ourselves enough with mindsets?

How do we get the best out of ourselves and our colleagues (within and beyond the organisation) for the benefit of the business AND the individual? This isn’t an “HR issue’, it’s a business issue.

Most organisations today embrace the “wellness” imperative, and some provide gym memberships and group activities. The ‘Mindfulness’ trend has captured the imagination of many of us, but there is still a disconnect between business leadership strategies and personal development opportunity.

Juergen Mueller, Partner at PwC, and a business leader in his own right, is also a self styled ‘Happiness Czar”. But don’t worry he is not a “happy clappy” hippy!

He makes organisations ask big questions of their employees: “What makes sense for me? What gives me drive? What makes me happy?”

We talked through the opportunity, the science, the psychology and the barriers to happiness as a business strategy. It was an unusual and thought-provoking discussion – not your typical webcast!

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Juergen Muller                                                                                                                   Dan French