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“Burning Down The House”


Last week saw a great virtual audience and speakers at Global Shared Services Leaders’ Summit 2021 courtesy of Susie, Sally, Sarah, Josh and the team at SharedServicesLink. You can get access to all the presentations at the link below..

Discussing the aspirations for GBS leadership in the future was provided with a perfect counterpoint with a group of expert speakers, absolutely at the top of their game.

We heard from GBS leaders with impressive “VC influenced” 10x returns-on-change strategies, leaders that combined the expectations and responsibilities of both CIO and head of GBS leader (one of the “New House” characteristics that I predict will become much more prevalent), a focus on the value of truly end-to-end business processes.

Steve Fox, former VP GBS at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and I addressed the topic of “Next Generation GBS” under the tongue in cheek title “We Never Really Meant to Burn the House Down”, referring to a talk I had given just prior to the COVID pandemic.

Little did I realise that business globally was about to hit an “immovable object” which had the capacity to do far worse!

Steve also invented a new word for the GBS lexicon, “”Defectivity” and we discussed how a 19th century Italian philosopher may have a very big influence on our future success!!

You can get a synopsis and access to the agenda and materials here ..

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