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Are You Missing Something in Purchase to Pay (P2P)?

It looks shiny and contemporary, but there is something missing . . .

We had a great, and massively attended, webcast on 8th July 2021 with our special guest, Steve Fox, former VP Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

You have worked on PO policies, vendor governance, invoice management, electronic invoicing services, P-Cards, V-Cards, end-to-end process governance, e-procurement suites, ERP consolidation, RPA and further digitization, and we have all the data and even a corporate data strategy . . .

But we still aren’t at the performance levels we aspire to.

What then, is the missing link in Invoice to Pay (I2P), Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Source to Pay (S2P) performance?

Steve Fox, former VP Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Dan French, Founder & CEO at Consider Solutions, explored the S2P / P2P landscape in search of the Missing Link. They discussed and shared their latest thinking on process, technology, data, governance, people and behavior that can help you make dramatic progress now, not in 6 or 12 months time!

Harness the knowledge and experience to create and exploit greater opportunities to streamline and harmonize the process. The goal is to save effort, improve service levels, reduce cost, enhance vendor governance, optimize cash, and improve communication and collaboration across the end-to-end process.

You can watch the full webcast recording below…