Optimising financial processes

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Amplify The Positive

The purpose of automation to amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of a process.

It can also amplify inherent inefficiencies.

Hence the phrase “Automation makes Bad Worse Faster”

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but it is hard.

Elimination is the best form of automation.

This week we hosted Tim Pumphrey, a senior process leader, who described an approach to operational performance improvement that simply required going back to first principles.

Tim and the team went back to the core of the process itself and asked critical “WHY” questions about challenges in the end to end process.

Many of the challenges turn out to be as much behavioral as systemic!

We discussed a maturity model of process improvement, and this experience lends a lot of weight to that.

You can watch or listen to the 40-minute session here . . . You can stop and restart at will . . .

There are no silver bullets or quick fines, but it is great to see the power of a talented team deliver more, faster than the promise of any individual technology.

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