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How AI Can Save Humanity (Or Not…)

5th December, London 4pm, Paris 5pm, San Francisco 8am, New York 11am

AI is already transforming our personal lives, without our permission! You may not even be aware of the ways it is doing so. It is not as obvious as we might think.

It is set to transform our work, our businesses, our society and our lives. Understanding the far reaching impact of AI is becoming increasingly important.

We were joined by Dr Tom Gruber, former Stanford AI researcher, AI product designer and entrepreneur, as our VIP guest speaker for this event. He was co-founder, CTO, and Head of Design for the team that created Siri, the intelligent assistant, now a central part of the Apple infrastructure. Tom is also co-founder and Chief Scientist at Consider Solutions and advisor to AI enabled product businesses around the world.

In his powerful TED talk, Tom coined the term “Humanistic AI”, which has gained a lot of traction to become a growing, influential theme.

Tom shared facts about how AI is changing our lives today, not always for the better, and also gave his thoughts on the collaboration opportunities between humans and machines that can help create a better life for everyone

His talk “How AI can save humanity (or not)” will give a unique insight into the important humanistic and ethical questions organisations should be asking when implementing and/or investing in AI.

Watch the recording below . .