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Webcast: Eyes Forward: The New Age of Agile Risk Management

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It is no longer enough for businesses to be viewing risk management as an after the fact assessment or compliance exercise. At a time where markets, consumers, ecosystems, business models and processes are undergoing massive change, we need a better way of managing risk in a proactive rather than reactive manner.

Yes, controls and compliance are still important, but we have a new context: enabling “risk informed decision making”.

Our risk management, controls and compliance approaches need an injection of agility, in this new age of digital transformation. There are “buzzword bingo” wars about the relevance of “ Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)! And “Integrated Risk Management (IRM)”, but the challenge is more fundamental.

The risk landscape has changed dramatically, it’s time our approach to risk management and compliance did too.

View this webcast where we address:

  • The Digital Age and the impact on compliance and risk management
  • Emerging imperatives of GRC, IRM and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Growing complexity in Risk Management
  • Moving from reactive to proactive risk management
  • The Business Drivers of Agility
  • The new model & best practices
  • Q&A

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