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ACE Audit Technology & Fraud Investigation Conference London 4th November

ACEPresentation at: ACE – Audit Technology & Fraud Investigation Conference, London – 4th November, 16:00-16:45

Consider Solutions founder and CEO, Dan French, presents “The Future World of Analytics for Audit and Fraud”


‘Data Analytics’ is a well-accepted concept in audit teams as well as operational groups in the business. Whether for ‘checks and balances’, assuring against error, waste, policy or control exceptions or fraud the principles are well accepted. However, we are in the midst of some fairly substantial shifts in our technology and data worlds, not to mention continued structural changes in business. What opportunities do these changes present for a new world in analytics, how will they affect the mission, role and composition of the audit team and how will fraud prevention and detection evolve? How will the emerging capabilities of ‘machine-learning’ data analytics contribute to the future world of audit? This presentation and discussion, based on experience, observation and current research, explores the evolution of audit analytics, the business and technology trends that intersect and how organisational disciples will be affected.

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