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Optimising financial processes

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Accelerating Aspiration, Performance and Continuous Improvement

We know that top performing GBS & Shared Services organizations outperform their peers in cost, quality, productivity, cycle time and agility.

The key to being a top performer is to understand current performance, set a realistic but aspirational goal and timescale, and then to drive continuous improvement towards it.

Harder than it sounds . . .

While there are key indicators for success, there are some traps along the way.

We ran a 45 minute session where we showcased some key benchmarks and data points, described the implications and challenges, shone a light on the “bear traps” and shared best practices to achieve your GBS and Shared Services performance goals.

We were delighted to host Naomi Secor, Global Managing Director at Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) and the drive behind SSON Research & Analytics. Naomi introduced the SSON Research & Analytics data and Metrics Analytics Hub.

Together with Steve Fox, Process Excellence Leader at Consider Solutions, and former VP Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Naomi discussed and debated some of the key indicators of GBS success and strategies for continuous improvement.

You can see the full event recording below . . .