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9 Routes to Excellence 

Japanese culture has infused many areas of our life and work for the better.

From music, food, art, poetry, fashion, philosophy, business . . .  

If you have young teen kids, then Anime and Manga art and video will be evident.

You may have come across the beauty of minimalist unrhymed Haiku poetry.

In business, Kaizen is often considered to be the “building block” of Lean 6 Sigma process improvement. . . .

Makes you think.

I was fascinated by this list of Japanese concepts that improve life and happiness, both in work and in our family and social lives.

We could do worse . . . Have a quick read over a mulled wine or fruit juice . . .

#1: Oubaitori.
Never compare yourself.
Everyone blossoms in their own time in different ways.
Don’t judge yourself by someone else’s path.

#2: Kaizen.
Continuously improve.
Constantly strive to improve across all areas of your life.
Small changes accumulate and make all the difference.
#3: Wabi-sabi.
Embrace imperfection.
Nothing lasts, nothing is complete.
Accept your own flaws and those of others.
Find beauty in imperfection.

#4: Gaman.
Have dignity during duress.
Hard times need to be met with emotional maturity and self-control. We need patience, perseverance, + tolerance.

#5: Ikigai.
Know your reason for being.
Define the reason you get up in the morning.
Make it something you are good at, passionate about, and that the world needs. THIS is meaning.

#6: Shikita ga nai.
Accept and let go.
Some things simply aren’t within our control.
Accept what you cannot change, and move on.

#7: Shu-Ha-Ri
Don’t be wasteful.
Everything deserves respect and gratitude.
Recognize the value in what’s around you and don’t waste it.

#8: Kintsugi.
Repair cracks with gold.
Imperfections are a thing of beauty.
The journeys we all take are golden.
Our flaws are embellishments that make us more beautiful.
#9: Omoiyari.
Show consideration for others.
Life is better when we care for others.
Be thoughtful. Build compassion.

I could do a lot worse than practice these principles for more fulfilled life and work in 2023.

If this is based on the Shinto religion, I think I will choose that if I get reincarnated . . . . 😉

Or maybe I will just try a bit harder on these qualities in 2023 . . .

I better build me some new habits . . . .

Happy New Year!