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Webcast: The 9 Key Factors to Successful Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

31st October, London 4pm, Paris 5pm, San Francisco 8am, New York 11am

Risk management has grown to be a key discipline in all areas of business, from strategy, operations, finance, sales & marketing, HR, product management, manufacturing, supply chain, customers and intermediaries – the list goes on. Our businesses are ever more interconnected, and management is becoming more aware that our own business processes and risks are more interconnected also.

The growing focus on “principled performance” means that risk management is front and centre in the boardroom, not just in specific audit or risk committees.

Managing risk in silos across the business is no longer viable, and enterprise risk management (ERM) aims to harmonise our approach to risk across the business and drive greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise Risk Management is key to business success, but it is not easy to achieve.

With insights from practical experience in enterprise risk management, the mandate, the process and supporting technologies, we share the keys to success in this webcast.

Watch this session, in which our experts tackle the big themes that are the most pertinent in this realm right now:

  • Changing Nature of Risk and the Impact of Digital
  • Risk-Response Cycle and “Risk Informed Decision Making”
  • Role of Technology and the need for a “Single Source of Truth”
  • ERM as an End-to-End Business Process, Journey vs Destination
  • Managing Barriers to Change and Driving Adoption
  • A Framework for Situation and Strategy Assessment

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