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Webcast: 7 Ways Smart Analytics Is Transforming the Purchase to Pay Cycle

Due to popular demand we will be rerunning our recent session around Smart Analytics and its transformative effect on the Purchase to Pay Cycle. It was a stimulating discussion, sharing our experience from over 15 years of working with customers and our cutting edge research into the role of AI, RPA and Smart Analytics. This second session will be on the 28th June, using feedback from our previous audience. 

During the webcast we will look at the 7 key ways we believe Artificial Intelligence and Smart Analytics will transform the Purchase to Pay Cycle. A hint at what the list includes:

  1. Facilitating collaboration and alignment across the organisation, business and technology silos to drive genuine value
  2. Analysing complete process operation, transactions and data activity 
  3. Identifying error, waste, outliers and conserving cash in the process

If you are interested in finding out the other half of this list, as well as hearing more insights from our experts about optimising your P2P Cycle, register your attendance using the form on the right hand side of your screen, or by clicking here.