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6 GBS leadership lessons and 3 rarely discussed qualities

What seems like the simplest of activities to the casual observer can turn out to be one of your most complex end-to-end processes.  

Steve Fox, former VP Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific shared his leadership lessons in a recent discussion targeting the “missing link” in process transformation and digitization.

Steve shared 6 leadership lessons, which are worthy of some thought;

  • Organization
    • Ensure Clear Accountability
  • People
    • Create and Sustain an Execution Culture
  • Process
    • Focus on “Defectivity”
  • Performance
    • Drive and measure Continuous Improvement
  • Data
    • Measure, Diagnose & Drive Action
  • Skills & Habits
    • Invest in Business Partnering / Stakeholder Collaboration

But maybe even more importantly, he shared the 3 qualities he wished he had appreciated earlier in his career.

You can read the detail behind his 6 leadership lessons and the rarely discussed qualities as well as a synopsis of the discussion here .. 

It’s worth a 4 minute read . . .