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5 Myths That Hold Us Back in Driving Change

There are lies, there are big lies, and then there are myths.

Myths are the worst of the three.

Our cognitive biases constantly outsmart us. The best medicine is to slow down our thinking and challenge our responses and the beliefs that drive them.

This Harvard Business Review (HBR) article is brief and to the point on a topic that is derailing many business initiatives, programs and projects.

5 Myths – well worth a read and some consideration on how they affect your own responses to the need for process change and performance improvement.

The myths that resonated for me particularly are;

  • Being a change agent, innovator or disruptor requires us to change strategy all the time
  • Agile is the new strategy
  • A “Digital Strategy” is the answer

These myths are all misleading and damaging to progress. Read Stephen Bungay’s explanation here . . .

It might save us all some unnecessary pain!

Play to win the short games that will enable you to prevail in the long ones.

Think deep to act fast.

Thanks for reading . . .