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4 Levers for Value Creation in Global Business Services

What does “Value Creation” in GBS really mean? How would your CEO define it?

There is a common aspiration across GBS and Shared Services organizations to shift from a solely cost reduction focus to one of value creation.

Easy to say, but hard to do.

Phil Priest, Senior Vice President Global Business Services at Smith & Nephew, joined us for this “Fireside Chat” (webcast) to discuss the FOUR LEVERS that can genuinely align with, and unlock, business value from GBS.

Cost will always be a factor, and is an element of value in itself, but there is far more to this.

What does “VALUE” mean in a GBS context, how should that value be judged, and by whom?

Many organizations struggle with this “cost vs value ” challenge, and this discussion will provide food for thought and action, on how YOU can align your teams around actionable strategies.

Dan French and Phil Priest sat down for 40 minutes by the fireside to discuss this topic. It was a great kickoff to 2023.

You can see the recording below . . .