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3 Horror Stories of Digital Process Transformation

Most Transformation case studies you hear are the “successes” presented “sunny side up”.

Not this one.

How do we achieve the transformation “Nirvana”, that “promised land” we are told exists which always seems just out of reach?

The answer lies in learning from past failures.

We are often encouraged to “fail fast” and learn. Many of these failures take a couple of years of heavy investment before they are recognised.

If we aren’t learning from failure, we fall into traps we could have avoided. 

This 30 minute session focuses on 3 “Horror Stories” of Transformation that we can all learn from.

We will explore these experiences and ask “WHY”?

Steve Fox, former VP Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific and now Process Excellence Leader at Consider Solutions “spills the beans” and shares the “ugly secrets” before exploring the root causes and offering key strategies to avoid the horrors and general unpleasantness . . . .