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What’s so KEY about your KPIs and 5 MUST-DOs

KPIs in use today collect data that may relate to performance by typically do not drive performance. As such, KPIs can often prove to be detrimental to the overall success of the business and occasionally strategies centred around them can encourage the ‘gaming’ of this tool for the achievement of personal or departmental objectives.

Consider Solutions in partnership with sharedserviceslink surveyed over 70 shared services executives across North America, Asia and Europe to discover some of the biggest challenges to driving performance with KPIs.

So, what did Consider Solutions find out through this study? The key problem appears to be a disconnect between what KPIs measure and how to interpret them to improve performance. This confirms the assumption that many shared services were struggling to use KPIs for their improvement objectives.

Leading Indicators - Whats so KEY about your KPIs and 5 MUST dos



If you are looking for a way to drive greater value out of your KPIs, download¬†this informative infographic to see the results of the survey and learn the ‘5 Must dos’ to make sure your KPIs are driving the success you’re aiming for.


Download the infographic here.