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Survey Results 2020: Pain Points and Challenges in Source to Pay & Purchase to Pay

Over 500 organizations responded to our Global Purchase to Pay/Source to Pay Survey. This was no small feat – our aim was to build a comprehensive, unbiased (by any specific product marketing agenda), truly global survey for those responsible for Source to Pay, Purchase to Pay or sub processes (Source to Contract, Invoice to Pay etc.).

We know from our experience with clients and thought leaders around the world that there are common barriers and common solutions. We also know that many solution implementations fail to deliver on their promise due to other issues. So, we wanted to drill down further into what was truly causing S2P/P2P process transformation and optimization blockages.

The take up was astounding, far beyond what we had anticipated. Over 500 organizations from all corners of the globe took part in the survey, providing us with a phenomenal insight into pain points and barriers to end-to-end P2P process excellence across time zones and industry. Some of the answers we were expecting; and some took us by surprise…

We have collated and analyzed the findings into a digestible and useful report and are very excited to share the results. You can take a look for yourself by downloading it from below.

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PDF P2P-Survey-Results-2020-Consider-Solutions