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“Key Business Questions” (KBQs) on Data – CFO Survey Results
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There are many surveys and white papers on how to manage and exploit data to drive our business forward in the 21st century.

In my opinion, most are either “motherhood and apple pie” or technical dissertations about various mechanics …

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Benchmarking GBS & Shared Services Performance
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I read an interesting article on this topic in and a related set of detailed GBS / SSC benchmarks. You can access them at the links below.

But first, a health warning!

As you will know by now, I …

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The Simplest Lesson from a Nobel Prize Winning “Rock Star”
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Don’t worry, I am not going to wax lyrical about theoretical physics.

Sometimes the simplest ideas resonate the most. 

Albert Einstein was a master self-publicist and became one of the world’s first “Rock Stars”.

When he was giving one of …

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The 5 Key Levers for Effective Global Process Ownership
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A co-ordinated, end-to-end business process governance model, from design to execution, is widely seen as the critical enabler for successful business change and digital transformation.

The “Global Process Owner” is the “role du jour” in organizations that aspire …

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The Hidden Danger of KPIs and Performance Measures
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“What gets measured gets managed – even when it’s pointless to measure and manage it, and even if it harms the purpose of the organisation to do so.”

There. I said it.

It may seem like heresy in a world …

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Amplify The Positive
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The purpose of automation to amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of a process.

It can also amplify inherent inefficiencies.

Hence the phrase “Automation makes Bad Worse Faster”

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but it is hard.

Elimination is the best …

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The Rise and Rise of “Digitization Disappointment”
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We are constantly reminded of the pain of legacy technology and manual processes.

This is true.

But there is an even worse fate.

Digitization disappointment.

There is an abundance of technologies claiming to be the ‘silver bullet’ to achieve better business …

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“Beware Data” ?
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I Never Thought I Would Utter Those Words . . .

I know.

It is heretical.


But even the least experienced data scientist is aware of “Data Bias”.

We have all seen it.

The data “analysis” that

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“Nailing it Shut” – The Missing Link in Driving Change
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Goals, plans, intent and intellect simply aren’t enough – ‘nailing it shut’ is the hard, final yards of any activity. 

Transformational shifts are built in part on Insight, Vision, Strategy, and Leadership. 

But equally importantly, maybe more so, they are …

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5 Myths That Hold Us Back in Driving Change
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There are lies, there are big lies, and then there are myths.

Myths are the worst of the three.

Our cognitive biases constantly outsmart us. The best medicine is to slow down our thinking and challenge our responses and the …

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