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Identity and Access Governance: Latest Management Lessons From the Third Generation

Identity Management has been on the corporate technology agenda for 15 years. ‘Giving the right people, the right access to the right things, at the right time’ (Gartner), has never been more relevant.

The number of corporate systems has exploded, the move from on premise to cloud, access via mobile computing and bring your own devices (BYOD), remote working has become the norm, user populations are larger and more diverse, opening up systems to subcontractors, suppliers, joint ventures and customers and we now need to cater not just for humans but also things and apps . . .  All this, not to mention corporate security, audit requirements, data loss prevention, protecting personal identifiable information (PII) and increasing compliance requirements.

However, recent history is also littered with IDM project failures due to unanticipated complexity and project overruns, sometimes measured in many years, and the enormity of the task touches the entire organisation.

The challenge is not just Identity, but the management of fine grained access by role and job, and even individual, and critically, the often ill-defined business process and governance mechanism by which the right people do get access to the right processes and information at the right time, for the right reason. This is the challenge of Identity and Access Governance (IAG).

Download this whitepaper to take a deeper dive into the latest Identity and Access governance insights, looking at the critical business discussions around this evolving theme, including the people processes, taking the focus away from IT and technology, managing complex programs and sharing some quick wins and a success framework. It will be a useful tool for any stage of an Identity and Access Governance program.

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Identity Access Governance Whitepaper