Achieving Financial Excellence

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We hope you enjoyed reading our experiences and insights in the SAP Insider “Achieving Financial Excellence Report”

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, please click here.

Achieving Financial Excellence requires all hands on deck, so cast your nets and download these free whitepapers which offer some insights and best practices to keep you afloat in choppy waters:

~Beyond Automation: Finance Excellence Requires Continuous Improvement~

~Global Process Ownership – Challenges and Tools for Success~

~Data Analytics and Continuous Monitoring~

~Addressing the Causes (Not Symptoms) of Process Breakdown~

~Continuous Improvement & Shared Services~

~Exploiting Big Data in Finance Processes~



Download Beyond Automation – Finance Excellence Requires Continuous Improvement 

Download Global Process Ownership – Challenges and Tools for Success 

Download Data Analytics & Continuous Monitoring

Download Addressing the Cause (Not Symptoms) of Process Breakdown

Download Continuous Improvement and Shared Services

Download Exploiting Big Data in Finance Processes